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Student Reviews

“I came upon Tomi & Timi’s Boogie Woogie ‘lockdown, wakeup, exercise & introduction to basic steps’ daily session simply because a friend was already hooked. My only complaint would be ‘why did I not find it sooner? Tomi & Timi have a friendly and easy to follow style to their teaching, what is even to the uninitiated (non-dancer), a fast-moving, exciting dance genre. How far is it to Brighton?”


“Personally this training makes me feel really good. I have more energy for the whole day, what can’t hurt with a little one, some work, and learning on your schedule.”


“Timi and Tomi, thank you so much for introducing me to boogie-woogie during Lockdown. I’ve had a wonderful few weeks getting to grips with the basic steps. Loving the contrasts between slow and fast boogie-woogie. Your teaching’s clear and easy to follow. It’s been so much fun attending online lessons with teachers who are fun and know their stuff. Can’t wait to put it all into practice on a dancefloor in the future.”


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