Warm-up – We always start our classes with a warm-up. For any kind of physical activity your body needs to be prepared, or else you could seriously injure yourself. A proper warm-up makes the muscles warm, the circulation more efficient, the heart rate faster. Besides those, your mind has the time to calm down, release the stress, and switch in „dance mode”.

Practicing the basic steps – After the warm-up, we jump into those basic techniques and work on them a little bit. Mastering the basic steps takes time and practice, so it’s very important to keep that footwork improving.

Free dancing – After concentrating on the footwork, it feels good to just relax and enjoy a couple of dances, just for fun.

New figures/techniques – The main part of the class is learning something new, so we dive into that and practice a lot with different partners. We usually put together small routines which help you introduce the new figure/technique into your dancing and refresh your memory about what you know so far.

Stretching – After those really intense exercises, your body needs the care and protection to stay healthy. A cool-down will safely lower your heart rate and help you catch your breath again. It will also keep your muscles flexible and minimizes post-workout aches and pains. Without it you might experience stiffness, soreness, and/or cramps in your muscles. You may also become restless and may have problems falling asleep. So we always take the time to stretch at the end of our classes.

There are no strict rules, but make sure you wear something comfortable, in which you can easily move. The classes can be sweaty, so we suggest to bring a second outfit or T-shirt with you.

Please bring a pair of non-marking flat shoes with you. Outside shoes are not allowed in the studio.

It is also suggested to bring a bottle of water and a small towel with you. If you feel thirsty or sweaty, feel free to drink or dry yourself a little bit anytime in class.

If you have never danced boogie-woogie before, check out our 7-day footwork challenge, where you can learn the most commonly used basic steps and some variations.


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