Our Teaching Method

Dancing is about having fun

This is our motto, it describes really well our approach to boogie-woogie. We always aim to provide you joy on our classes. It’s not about expectations and achievements, it’s about feeling happy and energized after class.

Basic technique

It’s very important to have a solid basic technique in boogie-woogie. With the correct technique, your job will be so much easier in the future. That’s why we have a strong focus on practicing the basic steps. That is part of every class, and as you improve, you will face more complex exercises.

Learning new moves

There are tons of moves in boogie-woogie. You can even create your own figures if you wish. But when it comes to learning a new figure, we prefer to analyze it a little bit first: lead your consciousness to your body parts, your footwork, and the direction(s) you need to follow. Then we slowly put together the whole figure.


Boogie-Woogie is all about improvisation. To master that you need to improve your leading/following techniques. There are great exercises which we have learnt at improvisation courses, and which will help you improve your partner work. We focus on these techniques at improvers classes.

Change partners

We regularly change partners in every class. The biggest help you can get at a dance class if you try the same figure/technique with multiple partners. They can help you clearing out the dark spots you may have, and also you can improve your leading/following technique. So we always suggest don’t miss out the partner changes.